LoopMeeting - The ultimate MeetingRoom Panel


World Class Meetingroom panels

Exchange / O365 integration

Communicates directly with Exchange / O365 – No need for any additional software installation. – Support for Google Suite and LoopBooking (Standalone Booking system) to be released May 2018)

Optional cloud based administration

Manage all your panel settings, logos and background images with LoopMeeting eneterprise cloud management solution

Customize your panels logo and background

With loopMeeting you can easily customize your logo and background image on your panels.

Multiroom view for instant bookings

LoopMeeting gives you tyhe option to do instant bookings – Not only on the current room, but on other rooms as well.

LoopMeeting Screenshots

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The ultimate meeting room panel
Make your meeting-room facility more efficient.

LoopMeeting optimizes the look and feel of your meeting room facilities by adding a panel with lot’s of useful functionality. The panel communicates directly with Exchange/O365 – so there is no need for any software to be installed in your datacenter. LoopMeeting also have an optional large overview screen with meeting room information to be placed in your reception area. LoopMeeting has an enterprise management tool that lets you do all configurations with ease. Contact us for a demo, you will not be disappointed in regards to price and functionality.

  • Solution: Optimize room usage with LoopMeeting features

  • Solution: Use on panel booking for current room or other rooms.

  • Solution: Use the confirm meeting option

  • Solution: Customize LoopMeeting with Logo and background image.

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